General management guidelines

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NOTE: This document is irrelevant in practise, because Retroboot is a new project and currently has just one developer: Leah Rowe.

When more developers join the project and contribute regularly (and in a substantial way), this management guideline will be adopted. This management guideline (as intended for Retroboot, when more developers join the project) is directly copied/pasted from Libreboot’s management guidelines, which you can see here:

This document defines the nature of Retroboot’s leadership structure.

Governance of the Retroboot project

In principle and in practise, Retroboot is a collectively and democratically governed project. Any member of the public can propose anything. Our leadership is a flat hierarchy; we have no leader! At present, only one person is actively developing Retroboot because it’s a new project, so for now, decisions are entirely at the discretion of the project founder, Leah Rowe. This will change when more developers join the project, and this management policy will be adopted, as written on this page.

The core management team is open to the public; anyone can join it, if they make substantial contributions to the project and if the current core management team agrees. Retroboot is intended to be a community project.

All proposals, big or small, should be discussed and (if approved by core management) implemented.

Information about code review can be found on the Git section of the website.

List of members in the core management team

At present, only one person (Leah Rowe) is highly active on the project, and the project is very young. Therefore, at present, decisions are made unilaterally and in a very direct way.

However, if you wish to get involved and regularly develop Retroboot, you can be added to this list. The more this list of developers grow, the more self-sustaining the project will be, and more work will be accomplished!

In alphabetical order:

Generally, the people on this list have these responsibilities:

All members are granted SSH access, with varying levels of access depending on need. At the very least, all members are able to update the website when new changes to it are merged in the Git repository.

People of interest

Additionally, Retroboot has a separate set of operators on the subreddit r/retroboot. Check Reddit for more information. Actions taken by moderators there are also subject to these management guidelines.

At present, only u/libreleah is a moderator at the subreddit, because Retroboot is a brand new project. Development started on December 11th, 2020.

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